Wednesday, December 12, 2012

twelve things

1.. today is 12.12.12
2.. i only have one Christmas gift left to buy. this is awesomeness!! RT and i both have really big families so being finished two weeks before Christmas all but makes me want to jump up and down and do a happy cheer
3.. i happen to know a happy cheer .. RT taught it to me .. i'm not kidding :)
4.. i am still waiting for a year when i don't completely adore these boots but so far it's not happening. i am still completely obsessed
5.. we have finally had a few cooler days here in TX. up until now we have still been in the upper seventies and lower eighties {bleck!!}
6.. my sister and her husband are going away for the weekend to celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary and my parents are keeping all four kids .. i get to help :)!! i LOVE this!!
7.. RT and i got some lattes and drove around looking at Christmas lights a couple of nights ago. i am like a kid when we do this. all full of ooooos and aaahhhhs
8.. we are STILL waiting on the bid for our possible remodel {i am too impatient for this ha!}
9.. it is wednesday
10.. the show rizzoli and isles is back on for their fall season and i am really excited about that
11.. the fourth season of sons of anarchy is FINALLY on netflix and i am really excited about that too
12.. my car has carbon build up in some kind of car valve and therefore has been in the shop for a week. i am in a loaner. at least i like it :)
happy twelve/twelve/twelve!!
top: target
jacket: rory beca
pants: joe's jeans
boots: just plain amazing

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