Thursday, December 20, 2012

christmas elf

here is something interesting .. it is currently 12:07am and i am still awake! i never ever ever stay up this late! i am a morning person all the way to my core and .. well .. i guess you just can't be both

but you see i am a busy little Christmas elf :) i have been working on cinnamon rolls for family and friends. they are INCREDIBLE but a little bit of a labor of love. i use this recipe from the pioneer woman and you should make them and eat them ASAP because they are one of the closest things to heaven on earth you might ever experience {FACT: along with being a morning person i am also a shameless food lover :)}

i have also been working on decorations for my friend katie's engagement shower that my friends and i are throwing for her and her fiance on friday night. i am so excited for them and we have been working hard trying to make sure that everything is perfect and presentable :)

and ... stockings! my mom, sister and i make beaded stockings modeled after the ones my great grandmother made for us for all of the new addition family members. i finished sewing all of the beaded pieces onto to spencer and tommy's today. all that's left on those is sewing in the lining .. woohoo!

throw in a regular work week and extra appointments with all kinds of people who are involved in the total remodel of my life in general and you get me .. struggling to keep my eyes open but powering through because there is still much to be done .. i am off for more work :)

happy .. hmmm .. well technically it's thursday i guess {ha!}

top: h&m
skirt: parker
tights: anthropologie
shoes: gianni bini

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