Thursday, December 27, 2012


just a few instagrams from the past few weeks ..
my sister and her husband spent a few days in new orleans a couple weekends ago celebrating their ten year anniversary so my parents and i tag-teamed the babysitting deal .. it was so much fun!! on sunday after church i took the kids home and put the twins down for a nap .. while they were napping the two biggins and i decorated gingerbread men .. awesomeness!!
by the time the twins woke up uncle RT had arrived and proceeded to have nerf wars with the kids while i made dinner .. notice that little spencer was legit climbing the walls haha
happy engagement katie and chance!! i could not be more excited for you guys and i thought the party was SO much fun!!
oh so sleepy puppy <3
sunday i spent the day cooking/prepping all of the food for christmas lunch with my mom and my sister .. i cherish that quality time together so very much .. love!!
i took this picture on my way home from barre this morning .. the snow is still holding on strong and i couldn't be happier about it

happy thursday!!

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