Friday, June 28, 2013

homemade peach lemonade

on wednesday i had the day off and RT was at work so i spent the day doing a bunch of random things .. one of which was making homemade peach lemonade and i thought it turned out so yummy that sharing the recipe with all of you seemed like the only right thing to do :)

first .. chop up two cups of fresh peaches and throw them in a pot with four cups of water and three fourths of a cup of sugar .. bring it all to a boil and then simmer for three minutes

next .. take the pot off the heat and let the mixture cool for half an hour .. pour it all into a blender and puree into oblivion

then .. pour it from the blender through a sieve into your pitcher before you put the pitcher in the fridge for an hour or more

4th .. pour one cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice into the peachy yumminess and watch in amazement as the color magically turns from this boring light brown color into a pretty and perfectly fitting peach color :)

and to finish it all off .. put some ice and a slice of fresh peach into a glass and pour yourself a delectable homemade refreshment 

happy weekend!!

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