Friday, June 7, 2013

a house update

this is currently what the inside of our house looks like and if you have ever been in there then you know just how crazy this is!! 

we have basically no walls ..

no ceiling ..

and they even took out some of the windows where they are going to put in the stairs ..

i am standing in the room that was our bedroom looking out on the framing of our new master bedroom in the picture of the left .. in the picture on the right i am standing at the far edge of our new master looking in on the old that is now going to be our closet and bathroom .. 

and this is where the porch is going to be {and also where they seem to be storing all of the construction rubble :)}. the porch is going to be basically the same except we are putting a roof over it so they had to tear out the old porch and pour concrete under it in order to support the roof ..

we went by again this morning and they were starting to pull the roof off!! it is all so exciting!! every time we go by to view the progress i can visualize the end results more and more :)

happy weekend!!

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