Tuesday, June 25, 2013

three little loves

top: contrarian
bottoms: j brand
shoes: jeffrey campbell

so .. i put on and took pictures in this outfit today and then decided that i don't like this shirt with a tank under it at all but i really can't wear bare back to work so i had to buy a new top. RT was going to take pictures of me in the new outfit but then my dad got here to pick him up so basically blah blah blah it didn't happen {ha!}

moving on .. we had our i word transfer last saturday morning at 10am. we got there at 9:30 and our doctor immediately told us that of the 8 embryos we sent off for testing, 3 were genetically normal. the average for couples our age is to have about 60% be normal but for us a little more than 60% were abnormal. but i am sure not complaining .. 3 normal embryos is way better than none :)

of all 8 embryos .. 5 were girls and 3 were boys
of the normal embryos .. 2 are girls and one is a boy
we transferred a boy and a girl and our other little girl has been cryo preserved :)
we are over the moon!!
i will have the blood test to see if i am pregnant next monday

it was really interesting to talk to our embryologist because he said that without doing the testing he would have transferred embryos 1 and 2. he said they were progressing the best and looked to be the strongest in development

both 1 and 2 were abnormal embryos

this guy looks at embryos for a living
he is one of the best in the country
has years of experience
has seen more embryos than you could count and yet there is no way to know the ones that are genetically correct from the ones that are not without doing the testing

he used the metaphor that is it like looking at a perfect brand new ferrari and then lifting the hood and realizing it has no engine. so basically i am saying that the genetic testing is an absolute life saver if you are going through ivf!! it is an added cost but in my opinion it is completely worth it!!

without it .. we would have transferred another two genetically abnormal embryos and i would have gotten another negative pregnancy test

that was not fun the first time so i really don't want to experience again!!

now .. that being said .. there are no guarantees. it is possible that even though we know these two embryos are genetically correct they could still just not attach to my body and i could still not be pregnant. but .. my chances are much better this way!! we have an 83% chance of being pregnant and a 50/50 chance of having twins

praying hard for our baby boy and baby girl!!
i love them so much already :)

happy tuesday!!

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