Monday, June 10, 2013

just more of the same

#ootd .. selfie
top: joie
pants: garcia
shoes: charles david

i went to the doctor bright and early this morning. let me start by saying that now that i am forty five minutes away .. it is close to impossible for me to get to my eight am appointment on time. i really cannot stand to be late for anything ever but i can't seem to help it no matter what i do .. oh well .. ten minutes late is my new on time i guess :)

so anyway .. i went to the doctor with the plan that we would be having retrieval on friday. i don't know why i am surprised but that is no longer going to happen. my ovaries/follicles are measuring much smaller than they want them to be so i am going to have to extend my stimulants by a couple more days

it really isn't a big deal and i figure at some point along this road i am going to figure out that nothing .. and i mean absolutely NOTHING .. happens when or how i think it is going to. at some point i am going to quit trying to control and plan and just let it be .. at some point {ha!}

hoping you all had a fabulous weekend!!

happy monday!!

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