Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a house update

things are changing drastically at our house everyday right now!! they have framed out the entire downstairs and most of the upstairs too!! this morning when i went by i crossed paths with our builder and he said they may even start on the roof today!! i have to use an obscene amount of exclamation points because i am REALLY REALLY excited about it!! {ha!}

here are some pictures i have taken this week ..

my neighbor actually sent these to us friday afternoon {thanks tom and jessica :)} ..


you can see that all of the exterior walls on the back of the house have been removed along with the back half of the roof and 99% of the interior walls :)
we are basically starting over within the original structure {ha!}

these i took on monday ..

no more roof

this a view of our new master bedroom from where the porch will be

new exterior walls on the entire back of the house

this is what will be our bathroom

and this will be our closet

stairs to the second floor

 laundry room
 this will be the kitchen and dining area looking through from the living room

and these are from today ..

lovely view of the dumpster {ha!} but you can see that they have framed the second floor

the stairs are functioning now!! i used them today :)

you can see the upstairs above what is going to be our master bedroom

i was standing at the top of the stairs when i took this picture!!!!!!!!!!

and a view from the other side of the house

happy wednesday!!

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