Monday, November 12, 2012


you know how you are always advised to live for today? you never know if today could be your last so live each day to the fullest ..

ya well sometimes that is really hard
don't you think??

sometimes you are just waiting for tomorrow to come
anxious for the things that tomorrow will bring
thinking of what you will experience
wondering if tomorrow might .. just possibly .. change everything

do you guys ever feel like this??

it is like when you were a kid and on the first day of school your teacher said something like .. christmas will be here before we know it .. and you thought to yourself .. yea right crazy lady!! christmas is NEVER gonna get here!!

sometimes it feels like tomorrow will never get here ya know?

but then .. if you are lucky .. it does
tomorrow simply appears
and then .. just like yesterday it is gone

and most of the time .. it was just a day
a day like most of your other days
a blessing none the less but just a day

but sometimes .. tomorrow changes everything
who you are going to be from now on
where you are going to go in this life
what you are going to experience
who you are going to know

never underestimate what tomorrow might bring

happy monday!

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