Monday, November 5, 2012

coming home :)

RT is boarding the plane to come home to me right now!! i'm so excited to see him!! he left on thursday of last week for a vegas trip with some of his friends. he has had a great time and i am so glad but i am ready for him to be home. the trip always seems way longer to the person who was left at home doesn't it?
on a different note .. i love this dress .. and these boots {ha!}. i have had them both for several years now but i haven't gotten tired of them yet. the dress is vintage and the shape is so classic. it is timeless and flattering and the colors are great for fall. they are not too bright but still very colorful. even though i love the fall and winter and love clothes for those seasons .. sometimes all the dark dark dark gets a tiny depressing. i love mixing bold colors into my cold weather ensembles.
happy monday!!
dress: vintage
belt: hand-me-down from nana
boots: frye

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