Monday, November 26, 2012

still a rockin'

hello world!

we are back from our big family disney cruise and y'all .. it was seriously awesome!! i will post pictures and what not soon. one thing that is so weird about being back though is that i still feel like i am rocking from the waves. my sister and i were laughing this morning because we were trying to balance in our work out class and that is hard to do when you are riding the waves {ha!}.

anyway .. as fun as being out of town is .. it is always nice to get back home too. we had a pretty long weekend of traveling and getting home and getting the dogs and all that jazz so being back at work and falling back into my normal routine is a welcome activity.

did you all have a good thanksgiving? i hope so!! it honestly didn't really feel like thanksgiving to me haha. we were on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean and i had italian food for dinner. it was super delicious italian food so i am definitely not complaining but it just didn't really feel like thanksgiving at all.

so for me .. thanksgiving came and went without even really a first glance and now it is officially christmas season which happens to be my most favorite season of all!! RT put up our house lights before we left and i put up the tree and all of the inside decorations yesterday. we are super festive and i am already loving every minute of it. i even turned on some Christmas music for a little while at the store this morning {ha!}.

happy monday!!

top: joie
jeans: citizens of humanity
shoes: dolce vita
headband: anthropologie

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