Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the magical world

as you probably already know .. my family and i just got back from a week long disney cruise. there were 37 of us total and it was such a blast! getting to spend so much time together as a family was really special for everyone of us and it was even better that it was disney. there were 13 kids the oldest of which is 8 and so disney really was the perfect choice. it was entertaining for every age group
so here is the run down ..
we got on the boat on saturday .. were at sea all day sunday and monday .. stopped in st. thomas tuesday .. stopped in san juan wednesday .. were at sea thursday .. stopped at disney's private island "castaway cay" on friday .. and got back off the boat saturday
there was a ton of stuff to do on the boat. there were several pools and slides and water rides for the kids to play on/in. there was a different musical theater show everyday. all of the different disney characters were making appearances throughout the day everyday so that you could get their autograph and have your picture made. there was a movie theater playing several different movies currently in theaters. there were pools for adults only, several restaurants and a few fun bars. there was even a magical place called the bippity boppity boutique where the little girls could go and have their hair, makeup and nails done and some of the synthetic hairdos our girlies acquired were nothing short of spectacular :) the staff was amazing and the boat was really nice
the port that was best for the entire group was castaway cay. the beach there was really pretty and clean and they have built the whole place up with tons and tons and tons of things to do. we played on the beach and made sand castles. played in the water collecting sea shells and floating on tubes and rode the water slides. we took a jaunt on the water tricycles and personal catamarans and sailboats. we stayed on the beach all day long and it was really a lot of fun
the other ports were really nice too but were way more suited for adults rather than children
these are memories that i know we will all treasure forever! what a special trip it was :)





happy wednesday!!

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