Friday, November 16, 2012

a diva .. a family affair .. and a birthday girl

i took this picture of layla at work and it was too perfect not to share :)

tomorrow morning .. at an hour so early i can't even bring myself to say it out loud .. my parents are picking RT and me up to go on a vacation with my mom's entire side of the family for a week. there are 40+ people going!! we had a big family to begin with but then all of the cousins started getting married and having little chitlins and now we are this giant mass of humans.

i can't even begin to explain how excited i am to be going!! we haven't been on a family vacation like this since i was in middle school i think. and to top it all off .. this isn't just any vacation .. it's a disney cruise!! all of my siblings and cousins have young kids and this is truly going to be a trip that will cater to every single one of us. when the age range is 5 months - 81 years .. appealing to the group is a HUGE task to say the least.

AND .. tomorrow is my niece emery's birthday. she is turning 4 which is nothing short of impossible  and what better birthday could you ask for than a disney cruise that your entire family is on. i would have died for a birthday like that when i was a kid.

so .. to you emery .. i say .. you go girl!!

be back in a week guys .. everyone enjoy your thanksgiving and be sure to eat lots and lots of yummy food!!

happy weekend!!

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