Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a sussie

when my mom gets something for us that is a gift but isn't for a particular occasion she calls it a sussie. she always has and honestly i didn't know until very recently that "sussie" isn't a word that everyone uses. but anyway .. this shirt was a sussie from my momma.

next week my entire family {40+ people!!} are going on vacation and i have been keeping up with all of the emails dealing with travel .. confirmations .. reservations .. etc. that is what the sussie was for. my mom really didn't want to be in charge of dealing with it all and she asked me too. i don't mind at all and she obviously didn't need to get me anything but i have been eyeballing this shirt at the hoop so i'm being a gracious receiver {ha!}. tanks momma! it is super cute right?!?

hope you are all having a great week!

happy wednesday!!

top: sam + lavi
pants: joe's jeans
shoes: jeffrey campbell

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