Wednesday, November 14, 2012

some chili y'all

a few weeks ago i made this chili for dinner and it was extra delicious so i thought you guys might also like to try it :)
i made it in the slow cooker which is even better because i just put all the ingredients in before i left for work and then when i got home .. viola! dinner is served!!
here is how i made it ..

put a whole small ham hock in the bottom of the slow cooker

saute an onion .. a bell pepper .. and three or so cloves of minced garlic

brown up about two pounds of whatever ground meat you like. i used turkey but you could use beef or pork or veal or whatever suits your fancy. once it is fully cooked .. pour it over the ham hock

pour in the sauteed veggies and add three tablespoons of tomato paste .. three tablespoons of chili powder .. one tablespoon of cumin .. and one cup of whatever beer you happen to have on hand

next add one can of drained and rinsed beans {again you can use whatever kind you happen to have on hand/like .. i used pinto} .. two cans of petite diced tomatoes {DO NOT DRAIN!!} .. and one can of mexican style tomatoes and green chilies {DO NOT DRAIN!!}

quarter up six or so tomatillos and put those on the very top. your slow cooker might look like it is WAY TOO FULL of food but so what .. it gonna be SO yummy! put the top on it ..turn the slow cooker on low .. and get your booty to work because you are probably running late

after you get home .. take the top off .. and just stand there for a minute with your face over the pot and enjoy the smell. you think i'm kidding but i'm not .. this is very enjoyable .. the smell is quite lovely. then stir it up .. laddle it out .. top it with whatever kind of fixins' you prefer {i used cheese, cilantro and sour cream} .. and enjoy!

happy wednesday!!

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