Wednesday, October 31, 2012

toil and trouble

happy halloween yall!!

it has actually been hard for me to remember that today is halloween. even though i love this holiday so much i have put it out of my mind completely since our big celebration has already come and gone.

luckily .. i live in a neighborhood where kids still trick-or-treat. i love passing out the candy!! my dogs, however, do not share my same sentiment {ha!}

when i was a kid we would get together with our friends and cousins and stuff and we would all walk around trick-or-treating without our parents. times were just different. there wasn't as much of a threat for violence and abduction then i guess. it makes me sad that now kids really don't go house to house the way we used to. i feel like they are missing out on some really fun memories.

a lot of the neighborhoods in the city where i live now do big block parties. one entire block gets blocked off and all of the families can go and they set up games and bounce houses and different booths and its kinda like a halloween carnival. that way the celebration still lives on

so whatever your plans are for this halloween night .. have fun and be safe!

happy wednesday!!

sweater: joie
jacket: graham and spencer
pants: rich and skinny
shoes: steve madden
headband: anthropologie

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