Friday, October 19, 2012

do you

here is the deal you guys .. you gotta just do you. know matter what. you know what i mean? 

this pertains to absolutely everything but the most outwardly noticeable for me comes through my style. i live in ultra conservative tx .. blue tights with giant peacock feathers running up the back of your calf and jeffrey campbell litas stand out. like an extra giant sore thumb!! but the thing is that this is me. this is who i am. this is how i express myself. this is when i am MOST comfortable in my own skin.

a couple of weekends ago .. when i was down south with my family .. my mom and i were in this tent that had a bunch of vintage formal dresses and i said something along the lines of "i wish i would have been as comfortable with my style as i am now when i was in high school. it would have been so awesome to wear a dress like this to prom." my mom's reply .. "but you weren't. you were more worried about fitting in." 

she was SO right. that was exactly it. 

i used to be afraid that if i got in touch with my true style and expressed that however i wanted .. people would stare and whisper and judge. and a lot of people do stare and whisper and i'm sure some even judge. but my point is that i don't care anymore. 

i have to be myself.

no matter what anyone else thinks.

and you should too :)

happy weekend!!

dress: madison marcus
tights: mod cloth
shoes: jeffrey campbell
sunnies: prada

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