Monday, October 29, 2012

another success

friday night's 4th annual costume party was another success! and so was my creepy clown costume mask .. what do you think??
cat woman .. a biker babe .. and a doll made an appearance
a cave woman and he-man made their debut as an engaged couple .. CONGRATS!!

there was a guy riding a flamingo and the flamingo wasn't super thrilled about it .. he finally accepted his duty and perked up later haha!
britney spears and green monkeys team from legends of the hidden temple were also in attendance 

charlie sheen came with amy winehouse {sadly not pictured} and stayed for a while to hang out with the cowboy .. the freaky guy from texas chainsaw massacre .. and a biker dude
the smarty pants in my mask :)
my love :)

there were a couple of costumes that i didn't get pictures of .. amy winehouse was one of them .. and a half baked {ha! i'm funny} big tex .. the other member of the green monkeys .. ryan gossling from drive and a full view smarty pants' costume.

thank you everyone for coming and going all out on the costumes! the night was tons of fun and i am already looking forward to next year!

happy monday!

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