Friday, October 5, 2012

temporary goodbye

clearly having fun with newly acquired photo apps :)

i might talk about the weather way too much but i just have to start this post by saying that the high around here tomorrow is in the sixties!!! this is very very very exciting news!!

ironically .. some more very very very exciting news is that i won't be here to enjoy it {ha!}. tomorrow morning my mom, audrey, tara and i are leaving town for some much needed girl time / r&r. we do this girls trip every year and I look forward to it so much.

i have said many times before how lucky i am to have the family that i do but it is times like this that really make me appreciate them. the fact that we can all go out of town together for a week and not only get along but truly enjoy our time spent together is so awesome. there are plenty of people out there who don't get along so easily with their family members and i don't take our situation for granted at all!!

this year my mom's two older sisters and a couple of my cousins are joining us as well. it has always been just the four of us so it will be fun to add some more girls to the mix :)

all of this being said .. i won't be blogging next week. i won't even have a computer with me and i'm not sad about that one little bit. sometimes it is just nice to really and honestly get away ya know?! i'm sure there will be some instagrams to show for my time away and i will do a when we get home next week. so until then ..

happy weekend!

top: from nana
jeans: blank nyc
shoes: jeffrey campbell {not that you can see them ha!}
headband: anthropologie

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