Monday, October 22, 2012

the story of my african violet

do any of you remember that animated movie from the early nineties about the troll with the magic green thumb .. a troll in central park?? do you remember how he could grow any plant he wanted just by touching the ground with his thumb? yea well i don't have one of those. if my thumb is a color it is blacker than black has ever been. every living plant keels over in death just at the sight of me. i am not kidding.

that is why this particular african violet even has a story. you see my has one of those magic green thumbs. everything grows for her. and a year ago or so she had an african violet that was thriving so much that she separated it into several different pots and gave them away.
she gave one to me.
i tried to talk her out of it.
i told her how much plants dislike me.
i promised her that it would surely die.
to which she kinda laughed and told me that african violets are super easy to take care of and it would be fine.

so here i was .. the plant killer extraordinaire with the spawn of my's super flower and i now had the major responsibility to keep the thing alive. yikes!

but guess what .. it has lived! i have followed her directions perfectly .. i only water it once a week and only a little bit of water at a time. i trim off the dead flowers and fuss over the thing like it's a child {ok not really on that last part ha!}. when sandy comes to town she gives it some love and i honestly think that is the only reason it sticks around. it is holding out for the next time she comes to see it.

so .. now i have false hope that my blacketty black black thumb has turned to magic green and i can now grow things. i have decided i want to grow some produce. i bought a book called the edible balcony and i have major aspirations to get some planter boxes to hang off the railings of our porch and grow fruits and veggies and herbs and stuff.

this should be interesting at best.

i'll keep you posted.

happy monday!!

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