Wednesday, October 3, 2012


a week or so ago .. we got in a really cute top at the hoop. i tried it on and it was so much more amazing on the body than on a hanger that we wanted to post a picture on our facebook page so that people could get the true effect. within seconds there was a 'like'. awesome huh?! we post our new stuff on facebook all the time and i am always surprised how quickly tons of people flip through our pictures. it is awesome for the store. we always have people coming into the store and calling for things they have seen on our facebook page. social media at it's finest!

but it does get me thinking about how connected we all are. with facebook and twitter and  instagram and blogs and every other kind of social media. i follow/am "friends" with {if you can even call it that} all these people that post several things an hour. i am not exaggerating. most days i know and have visual proof of what some people are doing every second of everyday. oh wow you had cheerios for breakfast .. your outfit looks great today .. now you are walking to an appointment .. blt for lunch with an iced tea looks delicious! .. cute dog on the sidewalk .. check out those sunnies .. the view from that window is gorgeous .. finally home to a glass of vino .. night night time .. blah blah blah. and you know what? i actual look at it ALL OF IT!! it is weird.

clearly i am not bashing social media or how anyone chooses to use it. i think it is a great way to get yourself out there as a blogger or whatever and it is a super fast and easy way to connect with others. i use all of it. i look at each site a couple of times everyday. but it does make me want to stay in the shadows at least a little bit.

my sister would tell you that she is not on facebook because 1. she doesn't have time for anything extra {she has four children and her oldest in six .. CRAZY LADY} and 2. she doesn't want everyone knowing everything about her. i try to tell her that people only know what you choose to tell them and for me .. that is how i want to keep it. sure i post  pictures .. usually of my dogs sleeping in various places/positions .. on instagram and when i post a new blog i connect it through facebook and twitter and pinterest. but i am not the person who can remember to post every little deatil on every social outlet all day long every single day. it's exhausting! nine times out of ten i wish i had instagrammed something after it has already happened {ha!}.

i guess i crave a little balance for myself. to be connected but not to disclose EVERYTHING.

what about you? are you a post everything .. a post nothing .. or somewhere in between?

just a little random chatter on this lovely eighty degree friday!

happy wednesday!

dress: from free people
shoes: lauren conrad for kohl's

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