Wednesday, October 24, 2012


this friday is our annual halloween party! woop! when we were in college .. there was always several parties to choose from every weekend and especially on halloween but ever since then .. the halloween party that we throw at my house is really our one big house party bash. it is my favorite!! not only am i a girl who loves a costume more than just about anything .. i also love getting together with all of our friends and acting like we are 21 again having a good time :)

so several months ago {yes i am that ridiculous} i started thinking about what i wanted to be this year. i always do something cutesy .. i was lady gaga a couple of years ago .. i have been princess peach from mario bros .. last year i was the queen of hearts .. you get the idea. all cute costumes but they were just exactly that .. cute. so this year i decided i wanted to be scary/creepy. i found some insanely awesome witch masks on etsy and i REALLY wanted to get one but i REALLY did not want to spend $100 on a halloween mask. so instead i bought a plain clear mask for $1 and painted it to be a creepy clown. in my opinion clowns are creepy just in general but this mask is awesome. i ordered this sweater and these pants from mod cloth ..

.. i liked the idea of getting pieces that i could actually wear in my everyday life. i don't know why i have such a stigma about spending money on a halloween costume but i do.

i will for sure post pictures of all of us all dressed up next week!!

happy wednesday!!

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