Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Our love story continued from yesterday ..

A little less than two years after that first date RT and I were on vacation with my family in Crested Butte, CO. We go every year and it is my most favorite place in the world. He told me that he wanted us to go to dinner just the two of us while we were there. I thought this was a little weird considering it was a family vacation but he said my parents were going to dinner with their friends that night so I figured it was a great opportunity for us to have some time just the two of us without ditching out on what everyone else was going to do. 

{let me give you a little background before I continue .. when I was about six months old my family moved from tx to crested butte. We lived there for several years when I was young before coming back home. One of the houses that we lived in while we were there was right off the main street across from a fire station {which if you know RT and I you know the significance there} and next to a tiny little park with a bridge going over a river. the house we stayed in on this trip was right over that bridge from my old house}

So RT and I go to a super yummy dinner at a local restaurant and once our food was cleared he asked if I was ready to leave. I still had a full glass of really amazing red wine so I told him I wanted to finish it before we left. We sat and chatted for a couple more minutes before he said "are you going to finished that wine?" I laughed and told him I was "why? are we in a hurry for something?" He said that we weren't but that he wanted to take me to the candy store to get dessert after we left. I had no clue why that meant I needed to rush my wine but nevertheless I drank up and we headed down the street to get some goodies. When we got to the turn to go back home he asked "do you REALLY want dessert?" At this point I am thinking .. What is he being so weird about? He is the one that was in such a hurry to leave dinner to go get dessert and now he doesn't want to go .. But I said "oh it doesn't matter to me. If you want to get back to the house I am fine with that." We turn and walk toward the house when we get about halfway across the bridge he says he wants to stop and watch the water. {I am thinking .. } is he for real? It is cold and snowing. Can't we gaze over the bridge tomorrow. But I stop with him and we have this conversation ..

RT: do you think water flows under here in the summer
me: well yeah I mean it is a river 
RT: hey look you can see the fire station from here. do you think they have people there 24/7.
me: I'm not sure but I would think so considering its a fire station {turns out they don't. just FYI}

This entire exchange I have been wondering why he was acting like such a weirdo never expecting that at that very moment he would get down on one knee and propose to me.

I wish I could tell you that I remember his words perfectly but honestly I don't know what he said. I instantly started saying oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gosh! Before finally saying yes! And trying to hug the life out of him. I was so excited! And so surprised. 

The house we stayed in had the living space on the second floor so everyone except for my sister was up there. She was sitting downstairs talking to her husband on the phone when we walked in. I sat down next to her. Started crying {shocking that I hadn't cried before this moment} and asked her to be my maid of honor. She cried too and said that she would and we all went upstairs and told everyone else. 

After the congratulations and the hugs my mom pulled out a bunch of wedding magazines and a book of invitations and said "ok no pressure but if you want to get married may 22 then we have to pick invitations by this Saturday {it was like Wednesday or Thursday or something}. You have a meeting with the guy to make your dress on Tuesday after we get home and the wedding coordinator and the tent people are scheduled to come to the house that Thursday.

This isn't actually as crazy as it sounds because RT had gone to ask my parent's for permission a month earlier and he and my mom had subtly been getting info about what I would want my wedding to be like ever since. So I slept on it and decided may 22 would be perfect. That date was exactly 12 weeks from the day we got engaged. My mom and my wedding coordinator were absolute rock stars. The process was smooth and one of the best times of my life. I had my last fitting for my dress on the Tuesday before the wedding and it still was not finished. They finished and delivered it on the afternoon before our Saturday wedding date and it was perfect. It was all perfect. Getting married at my parent's house. The music. The tent. The colors. The flowers. The food. The ceremony. The dancing. The fun. The family. The friends. My groom.

And now we will soon be heading back to CB for this years ski trip exactly two years from our engagement.

Happy Valentines Day RT!! I love you!

And happy valentines day to all of you too. Hopefully you can spend this day cherishing all of your loved ones!

Happy Tuesday!

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