Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Night

In case you were wondering what I did last night .. I thought I would tell you.

A few years ago I got a new bed frame and mattress for Christmas and my birthday. My siblings gave me this awesome cream colored pin tucked duvet for my new bed. Well that duvet was on its last legs so several weeks ago I ordered a new bedspread from anthropologie and threw the old one away {before the new actually got here of course}. When the new one arrived it was not at all what we thought and it was extra tiny. It barely covered the top of the bed and was just plain ugly. {I am not dogging anthro .. I am a huge fan of that store as a whole} Ever since then we have been searching for something else we liked and have had a hard time because we both love color and pattern but couldn't decide what to choose.

One day I noticed these tapestries on the urban outfitters website and I really love them. The problem was that they didn't have any in king size so they would be too small. That is when I channelled my older sister and got a stroke of creative genius. So I ordered these two ..
order this here
order this here

.. cut them up into four squares each and sewed them together to make this ..

.. and voila!! Brand new beadspread with all the color and pattern you could ever want. I totally love it!!

Happy Thursday!!

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