Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee

You know those mornings when you have more to do than you actually have time for. You spend all morning running around like a crazy person and your dogs can't figure out why you are being so weird so they spend the whole time running around behind you. You finally get out the door with oatmeal, coffee, purse, lunch and chihuahua on your arm and you get in the car amazed that you were actually able to leave on time. On your way to work you are frustrated with all the other drivers because don't they know you are trying to get somewhere!! Jeewizz! All the while shoving oatmeal into your pie hole and spilling coffee all over your lap. 

Well that's the morning I had. And so I obviously did not have time to set up the tripod and take outfit pictures in front of my lovely rose patterned curtains. This is as good as it is going to get today people. Ha! And yes .. this is taken in a dressing room at the store where I work.

Top: vintage
Jeans: Genetic Denim
Shoes: Steve Madden
But to make up for it I thought I would also share this picture of my brother's oldest. My sister-in-law sent it to me on valentine's day {she is the world's best at sending out pictures of her kids! Thanks tara!} and it makes me happy every time I look at it. I know it makes you happy too. Don't deny it. She's friggin adorable!!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I've been taking pics in front of the mirror lately also (only mine is way smaller than yours!) Your hair is so long- I want it!!!! Hope everything is going well with you!!