Monday, February 6, 2012

I Believe That We Will Win

Yesterday was the super bowl .. in case you didn't know. and my friend Ben is a mega Giants fan. We went over to Ben and Bridget's to watch the game.

we ate lots of yummy food ...
 philly cheesesteak egg rolls 
stuffed jalapenos
RT's homemade salsa
cheese its
 cream cheese with jalapeno jelly and wheat thins
southwest beef empanadas
barbeque chicken empanadas
ranch dip
hot wings
 this is Chloe. 
she is Ben and Bridget's adorable little angel. 
she is a Giants fan too. 
you have to be to live there {ha!}

we hung out with friends and had a blast ...
i am sure every one feels this way but RT and i have the most awesome friends in the world. i always always have so much fun when we get together!!
 we cheered on the Giants ...
 ... and it worked because they WON!!
 so naturally Janson stuck his face in the middle of the cake ... 

Happy Monday!

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  1. All that food looks so good! Glad that you had a fun time.