Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rompin in Roses

Romper: AKA New York
Wedges: Steve Madden
Every now and then something will come in style that I just can not get on board with ... at first :) . Skinny pants were like that for me. I tend to be bigger on the bottom half so when skin tight bottoms came into style I could not even imagine how that would look on my body.
I felt that way about flowy unstructured tops too. Now, 9 days out of 10 I am in skinny bottoms and a flowy top. 
My mom owns and operates a preschool and has for my entire life and I have grown up watching rompers run around on the play ground. So you can imagine that when they came back in a few seasons ago I swore up and down that I would NEVER be caught dead in a onesie that was meant for a toddler. Clearly I have changed my mind. I actually own several rompers and I really like them. This one especially just because I love the pop of the bright floral print against the black background.


  1. Oh dear, I see a very gorgeous girl in a pretty romper! A so fresh style to your season! Saddly, in Brazil, is arriving a cold season (cold? kkkkkkkkk)

    Cris. (visit me when you want)

  2. you look gorgeous girl! love the photos and that romper is too adorable. your blog is so fun! following ya :)


  3. the romper is super cute.....nice blog by the way!

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    your comments or suggestions are welcome :)

  4. Oh this is super cute!! I have similar them!!!

  5. So pretty you are and the floral romper is very fitting for you! Totally adore!

  6. You look precious in that floral romper. Great pictures. I always love to take pics while I'm outside doing normal things like you :)

    Happy Blogging! Following you back


  7. I agree with all the comments posted above!

    Your romper is amazing. So fresh and ready for summer! I love it!