Thursday, October 31, 2013

throwback thursday halloween style

this was halloween last year .. i LOVE halloween with every ounce of my soul!!!!
i hate clowns they creep me out beyond words but i was a scary clown anyway and my mask was the bomb!! RT was some kind of scary monster guy .. a little texas chainsaw inspiration on that one {ha!}
every year RT and i throw a big halloween costume party with all of our friends and it is my most favorite party of the year. give me a reason to wear a costume any day :) this year we have way too much going on to be planning anything {let's be honest i wouldn't remember my own head if it wasn't attached right now} so my friends katie and chance offered to throw the shin dig and i was majorly grateful but i wasn't able to go :(
i am ashamed to say i don't even have a costume this year .. complete halloween fail!!
so today i bring you a little #tbt and a promise that next year will be epic
T-364 days
happy halloween!!

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