Tuesday, November 5, 2013


this is my four hundredth blog post .. i sorta can't beleive that but nonetheless it is true .. it feels like i should post something profound but i'm not going to .. instead i am going to talk initials

you see now that RT and i are going to be blessed with a little girl we have talked through many different name choices and decided what we want to name her. from the very beginning i had two names picked out that i wanted to decide between and they both start with T

i would probably still be juggling the two names except that RT finally told me he really wanted to decide so that our baby had a name .. thus we chose together

i obviously totally love what we picked out but the problem is that our sweet baby girl's initals are going to be TP .. as in toilet paper .. i have been telling people not to put her initials on anything because TP just isn't that cute but i have decided to embrace it. if nothing else .. it is a little comedic releif {everyone enjoys a little bathroom humor now and then right?!?}

so from now on .. as far as this little blog of mine is concerned .. our baby is TP just like her dad is RT :)

happy tuesday!!

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