Friday, October 11, 2013

want to hear a funny story??

top: mcginn     pants: citizens of humanity     shoes: urban outfitters
oh hey there shiny forehead!! nice of you to add a little extra something to this story .. you fit right in

so .. now that we live 45 minutes out of town i have to be very strategic about what time i work out

i leave the house at 7:30 .. barre from 8:30-9:30 .. come to the hoop and change clothes and freshen up before we open the store at 10

this morning was no different .. i loaded layla and all of my stuff into the car and started my commute .. i dropped everything and everyone at the hoop and went to work out .. i came back and when i went to the back to get my clothes so that i could change i realized i forgot them
i remembered shoes
and jewelry
but no clothes
there i was in my lululemon bright red stretchy pants and grey work out top with nothing to change into for work .. aawweessoommee!!

i had to buy pants and a top from the store {not actually that sad about it can't lie} and just make it work .. even without the proper undergarments {tmi?? can't help it .. it's the truth}

sadly this has become the story of my life lately {ha!} too many thoughts on too many things going in too many directions :)

happy weekend!!

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