Tuesday, October 22, 2013

hidden under the brim

i wore this outfit on saturday running around all over town with RT. we picked out granite for the house and then did some baby shopping. i wanted us to pick out the outfit that we will bring her home in together. i am sure RT thought that was silly but it is sentimental to me and he indulges my weirdness :)

i am getting really anxious for her to be here. i just cant wait to hold her and smell her {again with my weirdness} and snuggle her tight. i wonder what she will look like and act like and sound like. i think about her constantly

our sweet angel baby

it has been so incredible the way our birth mom .. M .. has let us into her life
yesterday she had a dr appointment and as soon as she got home she texted asking me to call her so that she could give me the update. from the second she chose us she has involved us one hundred percent in everything that has to do with the baby. i will never be able to express what she means to us 

when we were on our way home from visiting M a couple of weekends ago RT and i were talking about how crazy the path was that led us to her
the way we thought the process would go was that we would send applications to several different adoption agencies
get approved
and begin being presented to birth moms
but before we even had a chance to send any applications our adoption consultant sent us info on M. we met most of her criteria and we jumped at the chance to be presented to her. she chose us on the spot even though her case worker had warned us that she might take a couple of days to decide once she had received the profiles
it is just so apparent that we were destined for each other

M and i were talking the other night and she was telling me that is makes her feel bad to say this but that this baby has never felt like hers. she said that she has felt guilty throughout her entire pregnancy because this is her second child but for some reason from day one the baby hasn't felt like hers. she said she understands now because the baby has always been ours. she told me she felt it the second she laid eyes on us

those are words that i will never forget
words i will always treasure
words that sunk deep into my heart and effected me completely

i can't wait to share those words with our daughter
i want her to know what an amazing person her birth mom is
i want her to understand how much we love her momma
i want her to love M just the same
we will sing M's praises for the rest of our lives
i just cant say enough .. 

happy tuesday!!

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