Tuesday, October 8, 2013

back to life back to reality

top: equipment     jacket: ella moss     pants: parker     shoes: l.a.m.b.
last week i was out of town with my mom sister and sister.in.law and it was so awesome!! we take a girls trip every fall and i look forward to it all year long. to have that time just the four of us is really very special to me!!

we also got to talk to our birth mom on the phone for the first time last week :)
she is amazing and i have been able to text back and forth with her some ever since then so that we can all get to know each other. a couple months ago i wrote this post and now i have had the privilege to convey those feelings to the woman GOD knew they were intended for. we get to meet her face to face this weekend and the anxious excitement is coursing through me!! i was this way before we talked too though and now i feel so normal talking to her so i think once the initial meeting happens we will all feel a lot more at ease

but now it is back to life and back to reality in a big way. i am back to work this week which feels great! it is always nice to get away for a little bit but i've gotta tell you i miss the hoop when i'm not here for a while. i guess that is yet another sign that i really do love my job :) i also have a long list of to dos for the house .. they are painting this week {woohoo!!} and we are in the process of picking out and refurbishing all of the furniture and decor and soon we will have to pick tile and carpet so there are lots of decisions to make right now. and thinking about everything we are going to need for the baby when she is born is crazy! my list for her keeps getting longer and longer {ha!}

we sure do have a lot going on but it is all very very very good things!!
loving life right now :)

happy tuesday!!

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