Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a bicycle sweater and a meet

top: joie     pants: j brand     shoes: frye
this past weekend RT and i woke up early saturday morning and drove to meet our birth mom. we had lunch with her and our case worker from the adoption agency and it was awesome!! i have been talking to her via text and phone calls for the past couple of weeks but meeting her in person just solidified everything for us

when we pulled up to the restaurant i really wasn't that nervous but then she sent a text telling us that they were there and where they were sitting and the butterflies instantly swarmed my stomach. it is like when you are a kid and you really want a friend to like you. you want to say the right thing and act the right way so that they will want to be your friend. well we really want her to like us and all of the sudden i got worried we might do something to make her decide she didn't

i got over the nerves as soon as we sat down with her and everything was great from then on. we got to spend the whole day with her on saturday .. after a nice long lunch she and i went and had manicures and pedicures .. then RT picked us up and the three of us went shopping/browsing at a couple of baby stores {she and i have a mutual love of shopping :)} .. and then we took her home and spent a little while with her at her house. the next morning before we got on the road to come home we picked her up and got to have breakfast with her

she is the sweetest person in the world! it is crazy because the whole time we have been dealing with the i word i have been constantly asking GOD why?? and now i know .. HE has been leading us to her and to her baby. they were always meant to be our family and now i can't even picture our family without them. i love to see such a clear representation of the LORD's plan :)

happy wednesday!!

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