Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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<<a little info needed to understand the following story .. a lot of times when i am petting zoey i will rest my forehead against hers and kiss her snout while i scratch her behind the ears or on her back or wherever>>

this week my parents are in san fransisco and the wine country on vacation with friends so RT and i are manning the fort and keeping their dog

bertie is such a sweet dog and is super easy. our only issue is with our dog .. zoey has an attitude problem .. she is crazy jealous of other dogs. she isn't aggressive but she is bossy and doesn't want anyone to give attention to other dogs instead of her

the other night i was at home alone with the dogs just lounging on the couch
bertie was at my feet so i was loving on her
zoey ran over and started trying to bully bertie out of the way so that i would pet her instead
i got onto zoey telling her to be nice which she really doesn't like
she ran and got a toy out of her basket and brought it over wagging her tail hoping that would make up for her bad behavior
when i didn't respond she slowly climbed into my lap clearly thinking i hadn't seen her so she was then standing over my lap wagging her tail showing me her toy
when that didn't work either she got really still and looked at me for a second and then pressed her forhead to mine .. it was so funny!! i couldn't help myself i started laughing and loved on her

she is a mess but she is my dog and i love her to death

happy tuesday!!

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