Friday, September 27, 2013


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i remember laying awake in bed with my sister on the night that RT and i got engaged thinking this is the best feeling in the world! nothing else could ever feel this good!
and then we got married and that was every bit as good and even better. our wedding and reception were perfect for us and leaving the most fun party of my life married to the love of my life .. i felt on top of the world

i was scheduled to go to work yesterday but one of the girls that was scheduled to work saturday needed to switch with me so RT and i had the day off together. we were embarrassingly lazy. we stayed in our pjs and watched tv until lunch time. at which point we got decent enough to leave the house and rode the motorcycle into the square for lunch. afterward we rode around for a little while before returning home and parking ourselves back on the couch. we were sitting there watching tv and RTs phone rang. the side of the conversation that i could hear went like this ..

may i ask who is speaking
yes it is
oh hi yes she is right here
ok i will put you on speaker

it was susan .. our adoption consultant. RT put the phone on speaker and she told us that the birth mom who had seen our profile that day had chosen us
I burst into tears
we had been chosen. by the very first birth mom to see our profile. i don't even know what was said during the rest of that conversation really {ha!} I was too shocked and excited and blissfully happy

we were chosen

after telling all of our friends and family i called the birth mom's contact at the agency she is working with. she told me that we will get to talk to the birth mom on the phone by the end of next week and then we will get to meet her at least once before her baby is due

to say that i am excited doesn't even come close to expressing the feeling. this birth mom .. she is everything to me. she is firmly part of the list of people who mean most to me in the world. to be able to talk to her and meet her will be a dream. i can't wait to know her. to have a picture of her in my mind. to become friends with her. to become family with her

needless to say .. yesterday ranks just as high as the day we got engaged and the day we got married

our prayers were answered
we were chosen
praise the LORD!!

happy weekend!

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