Friday, September 6, 2013

hurry up and wait

top: patterson j kincaid
jacket: capulet
pants: charles henry
all available at the hoop if you are interested :)

this is what i wish i was wearing today .. sadly it is one million degrees outside and i would melt .. moving on ..

RT and i were having dinner last night and we were talking about the adoption {surprise! surprise!} which led to the last year+ of trying to become parents and one main thing this time has been is a lesson in patience

whether it was when we were just talking about if we were ready to start a family or when we were actively trying before we knew about the i word or when we were going through rounds of ivf or now when we were going through the adoption process .. it is all A LOT of waiting

we started talking about having kids in june
we decided to start trying at the beginning of august
and then twiddled our thumbs until august arrived

we found out about the i word in october and made the decision to do ivf
we had to wait until january to start round 1
then we had to wait until april to transfer
then wait 10 more days for a pregnancy test
then wait until may to start round 2
then wait to transfer in june
then 10 more days for the next pregnancy test

then decide to start the adoption process
become busy busy bee to get all of your pictures and paperwork together
wait 4 weeks for the home study
then 2-3+ more weeks to receive the finished home study
then send in applications to agencies
then wait to be approved
then wait to be presented to birth moms
then wait to be matched
then wait for the baby to come
we are currently waiting on our finished home study
not impatiently but just waiting
no matter how eager we are things take time and we have to be patient
we are constantly hurrying up to wait some more
you think GOD is trying to teach us something?? {ha!}

happy weekend!

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