Wednesday, September 18, 2013

could be


at ten thirty this morning a copy of our adoption profile arrived at an agency to be presented to a birth mom for the very first time. from what I know .. she will see it on friday and then we should have feedback within a couple of days

on monday as RT and i were pulling into the parking lot to have dinner for his birthday i randomly decided to check my email. this was weird because i had just left work and once i get off work i usually don't check email again until i am about to go to sleep. but regardless of my normal routine .. i checked my email and among the junk that incessantly fills my inbox was an email from susan .. our adoption consultant. any news from her is big news in our opinion so i opened it immediately. it was info on a birth mom and susan wanted to know if we would like to present our profile to her


we were that couple at the dinner table on our cell phone. normally i am a big stickler for no phones at the table but neither one of us could stand to wait until after dinner. we read through all of this sweet momma's info .. emailed susan seventy nine million times with twice that amount of questions and then made the decision to present

every step of this journey has brought a new level of emotions

nerves .. excitement .. fear .. hope .. you name it i'm feeling it

this birth mom will see our profile
she will look at our pictures and read all about us
she will sort through all of her emotions and hopes and dreams for her child and decide if we are the family she wants to choose
the family who can give her baby the life she wants them to have
this could be our birth mom .. this could be our baby .. they could be our family

could be..

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