Wednesday, September 11, 2013


this is what happens when your husband makes you laugh at the exact moment he is taking your picture
top: madison marcus
bottoms: j brand
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heavy on everyone's heart today is the tragedy of 9/11

i know my post on this day every year is roughly the same but my feelings toward the memory of that day are very consistent. interestingly enough .. they are different now than they were on that day .. they are different now that I have RT

9.11.01 i was a freshman in high school. i was sitting in my science class joking around with my friend sitting in front of me when another faculty member came into the room and told our teacher to escort us to the library down the hall to watch the tv. we watched the second tower get hit seconds after we filed into the room. pretty quickly everyone's cell phones started ringing. i was not yet 16 therefore {much to my dismay} i was not allowed to have a cell phone .. so the call from my parents came to the school office {funny how rules seem so ridiculous when you are a kid and now looking back i agree with them}. my dad came to get me and take me home and i remember talking about whether or not there would be a draft and if my brother would get drafted

i remember that day vividly
a tragedy like no other
and yet now on the anniversary all i think about is the fallen firefighters and their families

when i tell people what RT does for a living so many respond by asking if his profession scares me. honestly it doesn't. it would be completely debilitating for me to live in fear every time he goes to work
instead it seems mundane
like any other job. the same as sending your husband to the office every morning
he just comes home with way more interesting stories {ha!}

but that is how all of those spouses felt the morning before the 9/11 terrorist attack
it was just another average morning
and then it wasn't
their loves were ripped from them without warning
my heart bleeds for them
for their pain and sadness that i know is still so raw that they feel it every single day

i am beyond proud of RT
to go to work everyday ready to save lives ..
he is a hero
he is MY hero

remembering not just the 343 fallen emergency workers but every life that was lost on that horrible day

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