Wednesday, September 25, 2013


dress: h&m     top: gemma     shoes: jeffrey campbell
our adoption consultant created a group on facebook in which everyone who is either currently working with her or worked with her in the past can be a part of if they want. this week people have been posting pictures of their kids and y'all .. it swells my heart. all of these sweet families with their precious kids and all I keep thinking is someday that will be us
people post pictures and stories when they get their babies and it is the same .. I don't know when but I know that someday that will be us

someday we will get the call that we have been matched
someday we will get the call that our birth mom is in labor
someday we will meet our little one for the very first time
someday we wil get to hold them in our arms and kiss their soft hair
someday we will have not just an i word story but a birth story .. a complete story

i don't know when but i am learning to be more and more patient every day
so for today there is comfort in someday

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