Friday, August 2, 2013

for some reason

shirt: trash & luxury     skirt: see you monday     shoes: steve madden
for some reason when it is the one millionth hellishly hot day in a row the thought of doing your hair makes you legitimately want to die .. so you put it up it yet another rubberband

for some reason i really wanted to post today's pictures in black and white but then when i was going through them i just liked the color too much .. i'm a color girl through and through

for some reason it really feels like saturday

for some reason i am addicted to cliffbuilders protein bars right now .. peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter flavors only .. have yall had them .. they are da bomb!!

for some reason i can't stop thinking about what we are going to name the baby we get to adopt .. can we say jumping the gun?!?

for some reason i haven't been wearing pants all that much lately .. i used to wear jeans several times a week but i have been in a dresses/shorts/skirts mood big time

for some reason i love every song on lifehouse's almeria album that came out last december. i know i am way behind the times but it has just started playing on our pandora at the store and i have thumb's upped every single one

for some reason .. just kidding i'm finished {ha!}

happy weekend!!

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