Monday, August 5, 2013


cami: target     jacket: mavi     skirt: american apparel     shoes:sam edelman
throw back to my birth year!! this outfit came straight out of the movie teen witch {which is actually two years younger than me eek!} .. raise your hand if you have seen that movie .. thank you! you are now officially my best friend {ha!}

anyway .. meet all of the dogs at our house :) actually minnie isn't in the picture but the other three are .. zoey bertie and layla. we are dog lovers what can i say

on friday i sat down for the first time at work and layla didn't run over to sit with me like she usually does. i thought it was strange but figured she was just mad at me for being up so much that day

she is dramatic like that

a few minutes later a lady came in with her dog so i went over to pick layla up so that she wouldn't go try to befriend the dog. i noticed that she wasn't really opening her left eye and when i looked closer saw that the color part of her eye that is usually brown looked really red. i immediately called the vet and she told me to bring the bitty by after work

i swear to you everything that happens with this dog happens during emergency hours .. 6:30pm on a friday night .. of course! thank goodness for a down home country vet is all i have to say

so we stop by to see dr.meg who tells me that layla has a trauma hemorrhage in her eye that is causing bleeding behind 3/4 of her eye. the blood was blocking her vision on that side and everything. she asked me what happened to her and i couldn't think of anything. she said they see this kind of thing sometimes but it is usually due to a major trauma like being hit by a car or something. so anyway .. i had to put drops in her eye every hour and goop in before bed and by the next morning it was looking much better. we went back to the vet who was very pleased with the progress but she still wants to see her back tomorrow. dr.meg is afraid that even though it is healing well it still might cause her to get glaucoma in that eye which would make her lose vision on the left side :(

so for now we are still doing one set of drops every 3-4 hours .. another set of drops twice a day .. goop a couple of times a day .. and pain meds in the morning

ahhh the life of a dog momma {ha!}

happy monday!!

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