Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hola amigos

hello friends!

these pictures are brought to you straight from the paradisus punta cana en la republica dominicana

our week at the beach with our friends was so much fun and ben and bridget's wedding was beyond gorgeous!! {more pictures coming soon}

but now we are back to life and back to reality in a big way .. i am at the store today and then we have the first home study visit for our adoption tonight. i have to be honest i am nervous! i mean i know it will be fine and i have had a lot of communication with the woman who is coming to meet with us so i know she is nice and everything but she is the first person who determines whether we get to adopt or not. if she doesn't clear our home study we don't get to apply to agencies

needless to say .. it's a big night for us .. fingers crossed!!

happy tuesday!!

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