Wednesday, August 28, 2013

each and every wall yall {a house update}

we have walls! woohoo! woohoo! 

so here is a quick look at where we started and where we are now ..
 before .. when you walked in our house there was a little entry through which you could walk straight into our dining room or turn left and enter the living room. now you can't turn left .. you must walk straight :)
 we tore out the middle bedroom that you see above and opened up our entire living/dining/kitchen area so that it is how you see below

 at the start you are looking at what will be the kitchen .. turn right and you see the openings for the laundry room and a storage area .. turn right and you can see straight into the living room .. turn right again and you see the lead into the bathroom and downstairs bedrooms and the pantry and south wall of the kitchen

 our old master area was really just a bedroom with two tiny closets and a bathroom so small that  if you stood up from the toilet you were standing at the sink and could touch the furthest wall of the shower .. not anymore :) the first picture of the remodeled master area is our closet that you walk through to enter our bedroom that opens up to the back porch and from the bedroom you enter the bathroom
 before we didn't have an upstairs but now we do .. with a living room an office two bedrooms and a bathroom
from this  .... to this .... to this

happy wednesday!!

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