Monday, August 26, 2013

pink and black and pink and black and

t.shirt: way old redone     under shirt: joie     bottoms: genetic denim     shoes: rachel comey
hot pink has been my signature color for as long as i can remember .. but not in an elle woods sort of way. i mean i love me some legally blonde just like anyone else i just don't really identify with her so much .. anyway i love pink and black is always a great canvas for it

i have to be honest though i don't actually like these jeans very much. they are crazy stretchy and thin which makes them soft but they have exactly zero shape or hold. when you have junk in your trunk .. you need a little support .. i'm just sayin

bbuuttttt i do like the color and paired back to one of my favorite old t.shirts layered over another favorite blouse and a big huge bun .. it is just simple and easy and comfortable 

doesn't get much better than that right??

happy monday!!

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