Tuesday, July 30, 2013

what now you ask?

an oldie but a goodie :)
hello there all of you lovely readers :)

boy has it been a whirlwind couple of weeks

sooooo .. we are adopting .. 

after our last negative pregnancy test RT and i realized that clearly that is not the path we are intended to be on. not right now at least. we prayed about it a lot and had everyone we know praying for us and talking to people and we realized that adoption is the direction in which we are being lead

when i was growing up, my mom's oldest sister and her family lived in a house that had a garage apartment behind it. they always had seminary students and their families living there and for several years it was a couple and eventually their two daughters. after he graduated seminary, they moved away but my aunt has kept in touch with them. during one conversation, my aunt was telling our story and the woman said that she had some good friends who had adopted using a consultant with christian adoption consultants and thought it might be worth looking into

my aunt passed all of this info on to my mom who then passed it to me and .. after talking to RT .. i immediately called susan. i just knew in my heart that this was right

i left her a message and even though she was on vacation she called me right back {i had some guilt about that :) but she was very sweet and assured me i wasn't interrupting}. within days we had turned in our paperwork to begin working with susan as our adoption consultant and we have already been infinitely grateful for her. all of our family and friends so far have been really lucky and have been able to get pregnant naturally so we know absolutely nothing about adoption. she has been a huge help and guide through this process so far and i know that we will continue to be more and more thankful to have her mentoring us

adoption requires a lot of paperwork that can be overwhelming and i know the wait to be chosen by a birth family can be long but we are honestly really excited. susan has welcomed us into a community of other adoptive families she either worked with in the past or is currently working with and seeing their pictures and hearing their story fills my heart

this is where we are meant to be right now

i know there is still the potential for heart break no matter what road we are on. i have no expectations of a fairy tale story. it sure hasn't been one so far. but i also know that somewhere out there is a birth family that the Lord intends just for us. a family that is going to choose us to have the privilege of raising their child. i am praying for them and their baby constantly
the baby that will call us mom and dad

the thought consumes me
i love them so much already {is that crazy??}

happy tuesday!!

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