Friday, May 31, 2013

on the road again

dress: mara hoffman
shoes: dolce vita

i heard a song called strong enough by matthew west on my way home yesterday and the lyrics really portray how i am feeling as the start date of our next i word cycle approaches. i have been on two different pills for the past couple of weeks but my shots and all of that starts monday

so .. where am i as far as heart and mind going into this next cycle??
i feel completely different
i almost don't feel at all which is kind of weird
if i am being honest .. i don't think it is going to work
knowing that we had a 70+% chance of getting pregnant last time with two perfect looking embryos and we still didn't get pregnant .. i just think maybe we aren't meant to have biological children
RT really wants to try this again at least one more time though so here we go :)
wish us luck!!

you must think i'm strong to give me what i'm going through 
well forgive me if i'm wrong but this looks like more than i can do on my own
maybe that's the point .. to reach the point of giving up
cause when i'm finally at rock bottom that's when i start looking up and reaching out
cause i'm broken down to nothing but i'm still holding on to the one thing 
you are GOD and you are strong when i am weak
i can do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength and i don't have to be strong enough
i know i'm not strong enough to be everything i'm supposed to be
i give up .. i'm not strong enough
hands of mercy won't you cover me
LORD right now i'm asking you to be strong enough for the both of us
--matthew west

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