Wednesday, May 15, 2013


last friday night RT picked me up from work and we went by our house to see the progress so far. RT had been by several times throughout the week but i hadn't seen it yet and they had been working on demo and laying the forms for our new bedroom and covered porch

i can't believe what it looks like!
from the front you can't even tell but pretty much all of our interior walls are gone
there are big rectangles cut out of the floor where they are going to insert concrete footers to support the second floor

when you stand inside against the far south wall you can see all the way through to the north wall of the house .. that used to be our bedroom and bathroom separate from our guest bedroom separate from our kitchen separate from our laundry room .. crazy!!

here are just a couple of the pictures that i took .. there is no turning back now :)

this is a view standing in our backyard looking at the back of the house 
you can see where the forms have been built for the new covered porch and for our master bedroom addition
hopefully they will be pouring the concrete in the forms this week but we are still waiting on one permit to come through from the city

this is our kitchen that will not be the kitchen anymore :)

this is our master bedroom that is going to be our closet and bathroom when the remodel is finished

so so excited!!

happy wednesday!!

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