Friday, May 24, 2013


since the last post about the house we have been at a stand still. our city requires both a remodel permit and an addition permit. the remodel permit came it nice and quick but the addition permit just came through wednesday afternoon. the concrete guy has to have a permit to pour concrete in our forms and that was the next step so our poor little gutted house was just sitting there

from the front it still looks the same

but as soon as you walk in the front door it looks like a bomb went off .. in a good way if that exists {ha!}

see that hole in the floor up there ^^?? it was cut so that they could pour concrete footers under the floors to support the new second story 

when i took this picture i was standing against the big picture window in our living room. you can see the very back wall!! isnt that crazy?!?

here you are looking at what used to be our guest bedroom .. the entry to and a little bit of our master bedroom .. our master bathroom .. and our laundry room

more concrete footers in the very middle of the house ..

and this is going to be our brand new master bedroom

 lets all stand up and cheer for some more progress on the house!! woop!!

happy weekend!!

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