Monday, May 20, 2013

taken from a friend

top: madison marcus
bottoms: rich + skinny
shoes:  luichiny

my mom’s best friend who is very near and dear to me posted this prayer on her facebook yesterday. it is so pertinent to me and our i word situation that i wanted to repost it here ..

dear FATHER.. you know how I have resented the problems in my life 
and you know how I have resisted the things that have caused me pain that i can’t change
you know that i’ve asked you many times for an explanation that has never come

today i want to stop fighting you over things i don’t understand
forgive me
i want to begin the path of personal peace
so i ask you for help

help me to change the things that i can
help me to accept the things that cannot be changed
help me JESUS to trust in your loving care when things don’t make sense
help me to trust that you are a good GOD and that you have my best interest at heart

today i make an unconditional surrender of all my life to your loving care and control
please give me your strength and wisdom and peace and purpose
i want to make peace with GOD by faith 
so that i can have the peace of GOD through you JESUS CHRIST 

happy monday!!

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