Thursday, May 9, 2013

clowning around

hello there all :)

top: target
pants: motel rocks
shoes: lauren conrad
necklace: bought from a street vendor in greece

i bought these pants to wear for my halloween costume .. i was some sort of deranged clown but i have to be honest .. i absolutely love them as everyday pants too!! the multi colored stripe is so much fun and paired with the most simple grey t.shirt and black sandals and it is the most effortless outfit in the world but still makes a pretty rad statement {yes i just used the word rad .. get over it ha!}

anyway .. they started demo on our house this week! i haven't been to see it yet but RT took video when he was over there a couple of days ago and it is unbelievable!! all of our walls are gone .. which i obviously knew was going to happen but still it is insane to see it like that!! we are going to go by there tomorrow when i get of work so i will take some pictures to share :)

happy thursday!!

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